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Monday, 20 May 2013

Download Windows Alfares XP Smart 2013 Full Version Free
Download Windows Alfares XP Smart 2013 Full Version Free
(265 MB)

This Windows XP SP3 intregated update april 2013, Give you smart, faster, stronger, in Windows XP rate until today, Accept the update from version Mikruzov the original and does not argue to the patch or crack like the rest of the copies

Name : Windows Xp
Version : Alfares Smart April 2013
Languange : English/Arabic
Medicine : Include-Preactivated

OS Support : Win Xp
Password : No
Type File : Iso
Code File : 4lf4r3s.sm4rt
Updated : 9 April 2013
Publisher : Anonymouse
Size : 265 Mb
Modifer : Samir Ahmed

Features has Appointed
- Support all devices
- Has been left seven core languages \u200b\u200bof the world without deleting
- Mini xp
- Partion magic
- Smart fdisk2.5
- Norton ghost
- Clear cmos memory

Windows Alfares XP Smart 2013 Full Version Requirement
Required configuration:

* Microprocessor: Intel Celeron 2.0 GHz (or higher)
* Memory: 256 MB (or higher)
* Video Card: 64 MB (or higher)
* Hard drive: 3GB of space (or higher)


* Microprocessor: Intel Pentium4 1.4 Ghz
* Memory: 512 MB
* Video Card: 128 MB (removable card is better)
* 5 GB

Download Instructions:
  1. Click on Download Button
  2. Wait for 5 Seconds
  3. Click on  top right side of the link Window.   
Download Windows Alfares XP Smart 2013 Full Version Free 
File Size [265 MB] 

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